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Every time I shared something that was going on or something that I was feeling, it felt like Jess had been through it too, and that really helped me, every step of the way.

I knew I needed help and support going through a really difficult time, I really liked what Jess presented and Jessí outlook and approach and I thought we would be a good fit, thatís why I initially reached out to Jess.

The benefits I found whilst working together were very much Jessí ability to keep me constantly on track, because it is a journey and it does take some effort to pull yourself out of a bad situation and together we set goals and targets and there was always a next time planned in when we would talk these goals and targets through.

Jen Gaskell

As the managing partner of a regional law firm, it is essential that members of the firm feel valued, able to express themselves freely, and are fit and healthy in mind, body and spirit. Equally it is invaluable that managers and leaders, understand how to inspire members of the team to deliver great work and service. Our staff come to work motivated but we have the opportunity to inspire them to deliver great service to our clients.

We have benefited greatly from the work which Jess Strachwitz Hamilton has done with us and has made a tangible difference in such a positive way, enabling all within the firm to feel confident that they can reach their full potential. Her sessions on profiling of team members to enable us to understand each other better were tremendous. Not only is her knowledge on the subject insightful, but her style of communication is engaging even winning over the most circumspect of people! Jess has and is running stress and well being sessions for staff as well as providing one to one coaching for a number of members of Team Paris Smith all to great effect. I have no hesitation in recommending Jess and we do happily refer her to clients offering them additional proactive help when going through challenging situations and facilitating positive change.

The synergies between Jess' professional skills and Paris Smith's commitment to enable individuals and organisations to succeed, makes for a very enjoyable and effective partnering arrangement.

Peter Taylor, Managing Partner, Paris Smith LLP

Thank you so much Jess for delivering your goal setting session at BizAcademy last week. Your enthusiasm and obvious passion are contagious, and it was clear that the students loved every minute of the session. From the feedback I have heard, the points you made are sticking, and are already making a difference to the way our young learners are thinking about their futures.

Philip Kenley, Foundation

Jess, has been a life line for me at the most difficult and painful time of my life. I needed professional help and I felt that I connected with her from the very first phone call. I wasnít looking for another 'shoulder to cry oní or a 'sounding boardí, I have friends for that. What I gained from my time with Jess was a very skilled individual who, through her knowledge and experience was able to gently re-frame my mindset and enable me to see a different, more positive perspective. She continues to help me reach my goals and objectives, by offering calm , intelligent and valuable guidance . I feel I have made a friend also, because of her empathy and warmth. I owe her a great deal. Thank you Jess.

Mel Fletcher

Jess has coached and kept me motivated and focused on making steady progress and taking action. My motivation is affected by my energy level. Jessís use of in-depth questions has helped me acknowledge what situations drain my energy levels and identify my own solutions for dealing with these.

She has also enabled me to express the more lively and vibrant parts of my personality that had become suppressed. She has helped me to reconnect emotionally with these and as a result I am much more content. I really admire Jessís inspirational positive coaching style.

Dr Kiran Sharma

Jess has a natural positive glow that leaves you with a sense of calmness and purpose, and with the positivity to tackle your goals. She really does light up the room as she's so inspiring and she is genuinely empathetic.

Jess has a unique approach to coaching. She makes you her priority whenever you need her. Jess is smiley, warm, fun, friendly and supportive, and she really does care about helping you create an amazing new life for yourself. She challenges you to be the very best version of yourself and keeps you on track with your life plans and wellbeing.

Jess helped me through the worst time of my life. She grounded me, bringing me back to reality. Jess brought me out of an emotional state into a rational one so I was capable of making the right decisions when it came to the important matters that I was dealing with. She helped me to keep the bigger picture in mind whenever I had to deal with challenging issues.

The relaxation techniques that Jess taught me were quick and effective. I especially love her relaxation video. Another thing that sets Jess apart is her own life experience so she truly understands everything I've been through when no-one else does. And it's so motivating to see how successfully she came through it.

Jess was invaluable in helping me through the emotional aspects of a long and stressful divorce with protracted legal proceedings. She has enabled me to focus on my bright future and I'm now moving forwards towards my exciting new life!


At a time in my life of complete change and lack of direction, Jess has, in very few sessions, totally re-focused me, both personally and professionally. She has made me see my strengths, my needs and all the positives I have to offer as opposed to how I was previously feeling about myself.

My struggles were multiple, but for anyone needing even the slightest direction, whether in professional or personal life, I would not hesitate to recommend some time with Jess - truly inspirational coaching!

Sophi Unwin

I met Jess at a challenging time in my life and there were several areas in which I felt I had lost my way. Jess was able to put me back on track and offered straightforward ways to make manageable changes. These changes were achievable, and in a few months I have started to celebrate the positives and keep working on the negatives. I had some concerns about how we were working as a family, and we are now much better at communicating and working together.

Jess has helped me to adopt a more positive outlook and to be aware of all the really great things in my life. She devised some simple yet very effective strategies to help me deal with a specific situation.

Jess's coaching has given me more confidence and enthusiasm for the future.

Jane B

I have enjoyed coaching with Jess, which was very interesting and she got me answering my own questions without me realising it! I am extremely happy with what I have achieved during the coaching and it helped motivate me towards my needs and my aims. I didn't realise how much I was helping myself just by being encouraged to open my mind.

Thank you, Jess, you have helped me fulfilling my dream and know that my goal is not so hard to get to after all.

JoAnn Ramos

Jess was a really great coach to me over the last couple of months. She has a lovely, warm manner and comes across as incredibly genuine. I always felt she was listening to everything I was telling her and sometimes sensing what I wasn't saying! She is hugely empathetic and always made me feel at ease.

As a result of my coaching with Jess I have been able to regain a strong sense of control and balance in my life as I juggle a full time job with external study as well as wanting to allocate adequate time to my family and friends. During my sessions with Jess I was able to really gain clarity on the bigger picture but also identify some great options to enable both progress and balance within my life. I have taken several very positive actions as a result of these sessions and feeling calmer and thankfully much more in control as a result; no longer overwhelmed!

Holly MacCue, Brand Operations Integration Manager

I find coaching sessions with Jessica enlightening and fun, sometimes gently challenging and am constantly surprised by how expertly she is able to keep me on task.

Jess is a calm, focused coach. I really enjoy and feel enabled by the sense of authority (not bossiness in any way!) her alignment with her true path gives her.

With Jessís help, I have and am increasingly becoming that much more clear, focused and confident in my own abilities and strengths.

Karen Malim, Artsview Consulting

The Goal Mapping process that Jess took us through was excellent. We're a young company with ambitious plans for growth, so defining realistic (but stretching) goals - and the steps that will get us there - is critically important. As a designer, I particularly liked the way Jess got us to represent our goals in picture form. It really forces you to simplify and concentrate your thinking. Our Goal Map is now a really powerful motivator for us in the business. Jess is a delight to work with - warm, inspirational and focused, with an entrepreneur's instinct for business.

Carl Lamerton, Creative Director

I used to think setting goals in life was pointless because things don't always pan out as you planned them. Jess came and completely turned it around by making goal setting fun and achievable. Her Goal mapping workshop really inspired me to set goals in life: my main goal is to help the homeless, which is in progress and I have already achieved one of my sub goals, which was to start an apprenticeship. I have set several goals which I track daily to compare progress. Goal mapping gives me the drive to want to do more and I can only thank Jess for delivering such a wonderful workshop.

Felix Connel, IT Professional

The purpose of coaching, in my case, was to assess where I am in my life goals, and, given some significant changes in my life recently, possibly reassess those. Jess's approach is very thoughtful and encouraging. I have never felt directed, but instead encouraged to discover to find my own answers. She is entirely prepared to challenge me, and guide me to deeper reflection. She has useful exercises which helped me tease out ideas and focus my thinking. The process so far has been very productive. It has helped me refine the focus of my family life, and what I am trying to create for my children. It has very much helped me clarify the path for the next three years, and the outcome I want to see at the end of that (relocation from London back to my home town). This has also, importantly, clarified the steps I need to take in my career to make that happen. This has created a framework which Is guiding my choices in all the other areas of my life. This of course is extremely useful and powerful. What I particularly value though is that a number of the ideas that were discovered in the process were entirely unexpected and new to me, and have led me to create significant refinements against what I would have expected at the outset.

Mark A, Head of Projects and Operations

Jess is an inspiration! Smart, perceptive, thoughtful, highly professional Ė she really knows her stuff. But what really sets her apart is her warmth and natural empathy. She is a joy to work with, and itís always great fun, although she knows how to push us harder when necessary! For a young, growing business like us, the DISC profiling and Goal Mapping have been truly excellent.

Todd Somerville, Director Fireplough

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The most important thing from working with Jess was I felt so much empathy and recognition of the things and difficulties I was going through. Seeing somebody with such a bright smile, who has it clearly so together, gave me so much hope, that I could be there too. .. (Read More)

Jen Gaskell

We have benefited greatly from the work which Jess Strachwitz Hamilton has done with us and has made a tangible difference in such a positive way.... Her sessions on profiling of team members to enable us to understand each other better were tremendous..... (Read More)

Peter Taylor, Managing Partner, Paris Smith LLP