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What is coaching?

Coaching is a solution-focused, powerful, non-judgemental, empowering process to enable you to take action, progressing from where you are now to where you want to be with a clear sense of direction and purpose. Coaching acts as a catalyst for change, drawing out your motivation to achieve your desired success, perhaps to overcome limiting beliefs and give you confidence in your unique abilities to be better than you ever thought you could be. A coach is an ally who helps you progress and take the steps necessary, faster than you could on your own.

How does it work?

Coaching is non-judgemental and non-directive. It recognises that the best person to judge what's best for you is you. A good coach is not there to give you advice or tell you what to do. The answers are already within you - a coach uses careful, empathic questioning techniques to help you bring the answers and your best options to the surface and then take action.

Who uses a coach?

Everyone who wants to live the life they really want, including if you:


How can a coach help me?

A coach will help you define clearly the sort of life you want to live, and what you need to do to achieve it. The details will be different for every person, because you are all unique, and will involve:

How does coaching differ from other forms of support?

Coaching is not a form of therapy or about just 'talking things through'. It's a focused, results-oriented process that encourages change - coaches expect and support you to take action, grow, progress and make practical changes in your life.

Therapy is generally past and present focused whereas coaching is about taking you forwards, progressive and future focused. Unlike consultancy and mentoring, coaching is non-directive and empowers you to find the answers that are best for you.

What if I don't know what to do?

If you are willing to do something to improve your current situation, coaching will be the right path for you. And don't worry if you don't know what action to take now, that's where Jess will help you...

The thought of coaching can be daunting and a little scary but that is ok. Coaching will take you out of your comfort zone, open up your thinking to what you really want in your life and your career. It questions where you are now and where you want to be and asks what has stopped you in the past. Coaching can be challenging and uncomfortable at times, but also very rewarding, empowering and ultimately life changing.

How many sessions will I need?

Will depend on your unique requirements and your goals, which Jess will run through with you and advise. Ideally 12 are recommended after a workshop, over a period of 3 - 6 months for optimum benefit. Initially can very successfully start with 6 or 9 sessions.

How often should I have coaching sessions?

It depends on what you are wanting to achieve and how quickly: sessions weekly, every two weeks or once a month are all ideal in different circumstances for different requirements. We will work out what will be best for you.

How long does coaching take?

Regular sessions last between half an hour, where there is a very focused goal to full day workshops so will be tailored to absolutely suit your needs and get you optimum results.

Can you pass on this opportunity to really make a difference to you now and for the rest of your life?

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