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"At a time in my life of complete change and lack of direction, Jess has, in very few sessions, totally re-focused me, both personally and professionally. She has made me see my strengths, my needs and all the positives I have to offer as opposed to how I was previously feeling about myself. My struggles were multiple, but for anyone needing even the slightest direction, whether in professional or personal life, I would not hesitate to recommend some time with Jess - truly inspirational coaching!"

Sophi Unwin

Divorce & Separation

I am here to help you 'win' emotionally and to get what you want with confidence - as constructively and collaboratively as possible.

Stuck, indecisive, blocked by emotions or sensing overwhelm?

I will help you navigate the conflict, challenge and change.

When we get married, no-one envisages the aisle leading to a divorce lawyer's office. It is not something anyone would wish for, particularly when children are involved.

Even if you are happy to follow a collaborative legal path, the change in circumstances can be extreme, and it is an emotionally charged time. Anger, frustration, anxiety, fear and sadness can all cloud even the brightest or strongest person's judgement. I will help you with strategies to guide you through the emotional maze and to overcome blocks to progress, so that your lawyers can serve you to the very best of their ability.

Legal advice + coaching support = a more balanced, stronger person + optimal outcome

And of course, when the dust settles, the question that looms large for many is 'What next?'

Perhaps you or your spouse need to return to work or you need to kick-start a new career. I will help you identify the skillsets you need and help you work out your options for moving forwards.

Every cloud can have a silver lining! What you are going through is challenging, however it can be an opportunity for you to reflect on what you want from life, to rediscover yourself and focus on what's important to you. In other words, the prospective change of a separation or divorce can be a positive learning experience - if you want it to be.

This is again where I can help you.

I went through a tough divorce myself a few years ago, and I wish I had known about coaching back then.

Although I was lucky to have expert legal guidance throughout the process, I craved what I now offer, and would have benefitted hugely from the additional support of a coach to help me through the emotional upheaval and onward journey. However helpful and supportive family and friends might be, we sometimes need help and to talk to someone objective and without their own agenda.

So I trained to become that person. Now I help others to go through the divorce process in as positive and supported a way as possible, so that they can embark on the next chapter with confidence.

I would be delighted to help you too.

As your coach, my role is confidential, non-judgemental and objective. I recognise that you are the expert in your own life.

I am there to help you find what is right for you - to encourage, support and help you make positive progress and navigate successfully towards a new, happy balance in your life.

Contact Jess now on 07812 083617 or to chat through how this will help you.

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The most important thing from working with Jess was I felt so much empathy and recognition of the things and difficulties I was going through. Seeing somebody with such a bright smile, who has it clearly so together, gave me so much hope, that I could be there too. .. (Read More)

Jen Gaskell

We have benefited greatly from the work which Jess Strachwitz Hamilton has done with us and has made a tangible difference in such a positive way.... Her sessions on profiling of team members to enable us to understand each other better were tremendous..... (Read More)

Peter Taylor, Managing Partner, Paris Smith LLP