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Building Your Strength and Resilience

Posted by Jess on 31/01/2017

We are currently renovating a beautiful old barn in Dorset, building it into a new house and it struck me that what I do with my cherished clients and indeed with my own personal development journey, is very much like building those strong foundations for the house!


The Old Barn is quite a project, a labour of love and patience, blood, sweat and tears where we have had to dig down deep and reinforce its foundations. However, these strong foundations have now enabled us to build up, to take it from its original state of one storey, up to two, having built those strong foundations to support it. 



So starting from that level of self awareness, digging deep into our past patterns, to understand what has happened before, knowing that the past doesn't equal the future, repairing any 'cracks', deciding what we want for the future and then we can really grow and be more with strength, confidence and resilience whatever storms are on the horizon!  


We have lovingly used many of the beautiful original bricks, dusted them down and cleaned them, so using all the old fabric and adding additional materials to make it stronger, so it is beautiful and the very best it can be, whilst keeping its authentic charm and personality. Thus being the same as personal development work, that we are who we are but it’s having taking that time, effort and investment of working out how we can perhaps be better, be stronger and with healthier habits having that resilience to be more and do more in the world. Magnifying your magnificence and charm. And... unlike The Old Barn... really going places!  


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