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A 2017 Resolution Solution

Posted by Jess on 13/01/2017

A 2017 Resolution Solution - What makes you happy?

With the New Year and resolutions abound, lots of people have made goals and resolutions that have already been put to one side, statistically only about 8% of people actually achieve their resolutions, so the chances are you may be floundering?  So I am wanting to give you the heads up, to encourage you, don't give up, to make sure you are going to be boosting those statistics!

KEEP GOING! step by step progress to success…

Why do we make resolutions if we know we may fail? And for that reason many people don't make resolutions, to avoid past disappointment of not following through! The 1st January signals the potential for a new start and what we are all searching for is progress, and positive change. One of the many reasons why your resolution doesn’t continue past the New Year is that it’s perhaps not what makes you truly happy, it’s perhaps what you think you should be doing, as opposed to what’s really important and what's significant to YOU.

CLARITY first…WHY are you doing this?

So it’s getting clear on what achieving each of your resolutions will mean to you, what that will feel like and what it will give you. Understanding the big compelling why, why you want it, what difference it will make and why it will make you happy and making progress is all-important.

And helping you happily on your way…

And to help you succeed, make a list of what you can do, anywhere, anytime without relying on anyone else, of all the supporting little things that will make you happy, will also bolster you in success with your resolutions. These may be playing some feelgood music, dancing, reading a book, singing, doing some yoga, drawing, taking time to run yourself a bath and have some me-time. Is it going for a walk? Spending more time within nature, noticing the sounds, the smells and the views? You may feel resistance to not do these things, telling yourself you don’t have enough time, you're too busy, you don’t fancy going out in the cold in grey, miserable weather! But reminding yourself how happy, how good it makes you feel when you do it and that taking a few minutes will aid your positive progress. Identify those things that when you are feeling down, will pick you up and make a list where you can see it and schedule or spontaneously engage in those activities when you need a happy boost. 

Feeling Good and Balancing Your Resolution…

Find a balance to your resolution, whether it be knowing when to stop what you are doing in order to take some time for yourself, or knowing the balance if you have chosen to do something a little more challenging, such as perhaps losing those festive extra pounds!  This resonates massively with me, as my trousers are feeling a little tight right now! I am embarking on a 7 day winter juice cleanse to reboot, which will be much more challenging than my last summer juice cleanse because we instinctively gravitate towards warm comfort foods in the colder months. Therefore I am balancing this by having soup for supper and lots of warm, delicious teas.

Giving ourselves a sense of reward and comfort during that time when we are following these resolutions (or doing your tax return?) to enable us to have more willpower as opposed to feeling like we are in a state of deprivation and combining with the why the resolution is important to us. This juice cleanse is important for me and will make me happy because not only will my trousers will fit better! But, I know from previous experience how amazing I feel, look better (in my eyes!), have clearer, brighter skin and most importantly that it will boost my energy and I will have an amplified vibrant feeling of overall wellbeing. AND this boosted energy and wellbeing will help me achieve all the other things I want to achieve this year and plan to do with my future husband, our loved ones, including our 9 lovely, busy children!  


Strengthening your resolve…

That all said, I anticipate I will have moments when I will weaken because I am a passionate foodie and will want to indulge other than on a juice...  which is where the Happy, FeelGood activity list comes in...!  Reminding myself why I am doing it is key but also having the reminder of happy distraction activities (including breathing and meditation for me) lined up will make my achieving my resolution goal easier and more pleasurable! (Also see my tapping video for another great technique to strengthen your resolve!). 

Energy and wellbeing are the foundation for all other progress, aren't they? So what is your reason for your Resolution? What will it give you? And what won't you have or feel if you don't achieve it? I am willing you on and here for you if you want an extra boost, to be your ally to your success or to help you get clear.

4 Steps for Your New Year Resolution Solution!

·      Step 1 - identify your goal, your Resolution and your desired outcome

·      Step 2 - Get clear on all the reasons.. why do you want it? 

·      Step 3 - Create your Happy FeelGood Activity List and keep to hand to help you on your way, to distract you from weakening and give you time to re-strengthen your resolve! 

·       Step 4 - Happy Progress and daily steps to success!

It’s now your turn!

So, I invite you now to take a moment and make a list of these things that will take you up a notch, those little things that make you happy to help you in your progress. Your Happy, FeelGood List. What makes you happy?  

Make a choice this year to succeed in your resolutions not just for New Year but all year.  Give yourself permission to be happy to enjoy your chosen activities, be in the moment and to help you keep focused on the reasons, what your resolution will give you, to enhance your life, making progress and feeling happier overall. It's the little things that count, that help towards the bigger picture, your progress and your success in what you want to achieve, step by step. 

Wishing you a very happy, energetic year and here’s to your progress and success, healthier habits for 2017 and your loving wellbeing.

Please let me know how you get on. 


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