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What do I do?

I help businesses and people like you through conflict, challenge and change by delivering 1:1 coaching and mentoring, workshops and training so you can make the positive changes you want, making even more of a difference in the world, be proud of who you are, what you do and how you will be remembered.


Allow me to share with you some of the things from my life that have inspired me, influenced me and brought me to this point.

Like most people, I've had my ups and downs. I've worked in stressful business roles - both corporate and entrepreneurial - and also experienced the joy of running a busy home and raising a family of four children, latterly as a single parent.

I started my career as a recruitment consultant, and then worked in various in-house HR roles before moving into Executive Search, helping build teams in both start-ups and growing businesses.

Whilst working full-time, I qualified at night school to be a Montessori Early Years' Teacher with the specific objective of being the best mother I could possibly be when the time came. Together with my training in Youth Impact and Emotion Coaching (for children and teens) I've found my Montessori training to be invaluable in my current work with families and young people, for example helping them come through divorce and separation.

Bitter sweet

When I started my own family, I experienced a very severe form of morning sickness ('hyperemisis gravidarum') with all four of my pregnancies. It was a very challenging time, and it has motivated me to focus on the importance of health and well-being, and being the healthiest and most vital you can be. Because of this and a more recent bout of glandular fever, I wanted to learn more about nutrition and so trained in Macrobiotics (which assisted my recovery). I also have a keen interest in and practise mindfulness and the latest research into natural relaxation and sleep remedies.

When my children were older I was propelled back to work during a traumatic divorce, which involved losing our family home and going through a period of huge change for all the family. I wish I had known about coaching back then!

I started by organising events to connect and introduce people - including an Exclusive Membership Singles Club that raised money for different charities.

This in turn led to my setting up a charitable Foundation for a commercial organisation, which involved creating teams, organising volunteer programmes, offering donated and discounted product, leading various fundraising initiatives and projects, and connecting commercial expertise with philanthropy.

I then headed up an international portfolio of around 100 Third Sector (Not for Profit and Social Enterprise) clients for a consultancy, helping them with their productivity and efficiency, bringing together teams, and facilitating and delivering consultancy and cutting edge technology solutions.

The power of coaching

In these last two roles, I brought in coaches to present at client events, assist on volunteer programmes and our graduate programme, and to help me personally overcome my then irrational fear of public speaking!

It was at this point I realised how much I would have benefitted from the additional support of a coach to help me and my children through the emotional upheaval and onward journey of divorce: the personal conflict, challenge and change. However helpful and supportive family and friends might be, we sometimes need to talk to someone who is objective and without their own agenda.

So I trained to become exactly that person. Now I help others to go through the divorce process in as positive and supported a way as possible, so that they and any children involved can embark on the next chapter with confidence.

I am inspired by the undeniable benefits of coaching for everyone, and know that coaching brings together everything I believe in - in particular, helping people realise their full potential, overcome hurdles and become the very best they can be.

I qualified with The Coaching Academy as an NLP practitioner and as a Personal Performance Coach with Distinction, including extensive training in Corporate and Executive, Small Business and Youth Impact Coaching, Emotion Coaching (helping parents and professionals working with children and teens) and Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT). I am also an accredited Goal Mapping Practitioner (an inspired, holistic goal setting tool), an accredited Trainer for Tuning in to Kids and Teens and an accredited DISC psychometric profiling Practitioner and Trainer.

My passion is people and I sincerely believe that we are all capable of achieving more and being so much more than we think we can. With a bit of guidance and support, we can all release our amazing hidden potential and vitality, to live with real purpose and passion through whatever conflicts, challenge and change we may face.

Contact Jess now on 07812 083617 or to chat about how this will help you.

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