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- Dale Carnegie

"Success is getting what you want.
Happiness is wanting what you get."

I love this quote! It perfectly expresses my purpose as a professional business and personal coach helping people identify and achieve what they truly want from life.

Whatever our role in today's hectic world - professional, parent, entrepreneur, partner, business owner - we all need to have our own definition of 'success'.

With my help and support as your coach, you will discover what success, happiness and balance means for you, and how to live every
day with the joy of knowing that you
are fulfilling your unique potential.

Need a little inspiration?

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Personal Coaching

Do you sense that you are capable of being so much more than you are now?

Do you need a bit more clarity and direction to help you through a period of change in your life or career?

My role as coach is to help you define the goals that are right for you, and then identify and support the actions needed to achieve those goals - with clarity, energy and a shining sense of purpose.

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Business Coaching

Are your staff as harmonious, motivated and productive as you would like them to be?

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner who wants to push your company forward yet still maintain balance in the other important areas of your life?

I will help you identify your priorities and goals, and plan a clear path forward for you, your staff and your business, with non-judgemental support, an objective sounding board and a bit of a push when you need it!

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Blog & News

Happy Valentine's Day!
The quality of our lives really is directly related to the quality of our relationships and the quality of our emotions. And all that is meaningful and brings us the most joy is potentially also, paradoxically,...

Posted by Jess, 14/02/2018

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The most important thing from working with Jess was I felt so much empathy and recognition of the things and difficulties I was going through. Seeing somebody with such a bright smile, who has it clearly so together, gave me so much hope, that I could be there too. .. (Read More)

Jen Gaskell

We have benefited greatly from the work which Jess Strachwitz Hamilton has done with us and has made a tangible difference in such a positive way.... Her sessions on profiling of team members to enable us to understand each other better were tremendous..... (Read More)

Peter Taylor, Managing Partner, Paris Smith LLP