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Celebrating with You
becoming winner of Life Coach of the Year 2017, a truly humbling moment .. Day to day, wondering how often you stop and pause, celebrating and enjoying your daily successes as well as the big 'podium' moments...

Posted by Jess, 29/11/2017

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The most important thing from working with Jess was I felt so much empathy and recognition of the things and difficulties I was going through. Seeing somebody with such a bright smile, who has it clearly so together, gave me so much hope, that I could be there too. .. (Read More)

Jen Gaskell

We have benefited greatly from the work which Jess Strachwitz Hamilton has done with us and has made a tangible difference in such a positive way.... Her sessions on profiling of team members to enable us to understand each other better were tremendous..... (Read More)

Peter Taylor, Managing Partner, Paris Smith LLP