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Conscious 'Uncoupling' .. and supporting  'uncoupling' consciously

Conscious 'Uncoupling' .. and supporting 'uncoupling' consciously

Posted by Jess on 05/05/2014

There is nothing more blissful than being in a relationship with the right person, who shares your dreams, wants similar things to you, shares the same values and with whom communication is free and open... you can talk about anything. And yet there is nothing lonelier than being in a relationship with the 'wrong' person or where you are suddenly finding you are wanting different things from life and heading down different paths, or there is broken trust and perhaps communication has broken down.

A breakdown in relationship doesn't usually indicate either a good or bad person, just sometimes people grow and evolve in different ways and realise they want different things from life.

The clearer we are about our goals, values and what we want from life, and the clearer we are in our ability to communicate and discuss these before we embark on a relationship, then the greater the chance that it will happily flourish and grow, even during tougher, more challenging times.

I sincerely believe however that some friendships and relationships are only seasonal and and whilst we may cherish them, they may only be right for a period of time. Sometimes we need to let these relationships go - 'conscious uncoupling' and if that's the case, we need to do this as amicably as possible. And when children are involved the more amicable the better.

The collaborative legal process supports this amicable route when it comes to legal separation and divorce. And in addition this amicable route can be enhanced even further with the involvement of a coach.  That is what I do.

 I wish I 'd had someone like me on side when I sadly went through a challenging divorce a few years ago, to provide emotional support and help me find the the best route forward for both myself and our 4 children. (Thankfully our children have emerged stronger, more appreciative with good positive relationships all round. Phew.)

In the US and Australia, coaching support is becoming increasingly mainstream in divorces and separation. And I hope it becomes the accepted route here as well.

 I am passionate about helping and  supporting  individuals every step of the way. Also helping so no one has to go it alone or lean too heavily on their social networks. I am the person to whom people can say things as they really are, without any later repercussions - I am here to allow you to speak openly and honestly without judgement or embarrassment. Coaching works. Consciously.

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